Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why do I love Pakistan?

                                                            Why do I love Pakistan?
‘’Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish in my country is my unalterable determination.’’
Patriotism is natural passion of a man by force of which he feels natural attachment to his motherland. This is an instinctive virtue which is found in every person. Patriotism is love of a person for his own country. So I love Pakistan because it is my country and gives me sense of identity and it is a beautiful land with wonderful people. I love Pakistan because I was born here, grew up here and have been socialized in Pakistani society. It is my father land. My ancestors were born here; they lived and died here. They tilled its soil and tasted its fruit. Now this land sustains me in comfort.
I love Pakistan for its cultural diversity and for its being a seat of unique civilizations. Pakistan is not a recent figment but it is a cradle of five thousand years old civilizations of Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and Taxila. These civilizations were culturally rich and technically advanced according to the standards of their times.
I love my country because of its beautiful landscape which ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakoram and the Himalayas through dissected plateau to the rich alluvial plains of Punjab. In Pakistan one can see picturesque mountains, magnificent peaks of K-2 and Nangaparbat, scenic valleys in the north, the Arabian sea in the south and rough rocky mountains of Balochistan which bends into golden beaches of Makran coast.
Pakistan is a home of great warriors, poets, statesmen and artists. This country gave them poetic vision, political foresight and artistic sensibility. The country has produced many distinguished persons like Edhi, Imran Khan, Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Dr. AbdulSalam. Common men of Pakistan are superior to any other people in the world. They are hospitable, warm and friendly. Whenever faced with challenges: natural calamity or external threat, they rise to occasion.
I love Pakistan for its natural resources, variety of vegetation and its wildlife. It has rich soil irrigated by biggest network of canals. The west gives fine cotton and oilseeds. The east gives me golden fibre of jute. Thanks to its environmental diversity Pakistan produces appetizing fruits, vegetables and grains.
To sum up, I love Pakistan not merely for patriotic reasons but also for geographic, cultural and environmental diversity. Above all I love Pakistan for its bright future that lies ahead of us. Despite a few political and economic jolts of the past the people of Pakistan are becoming more and more aware and pro-active to undo these wrongs. Recently they have waged a sustained and successful struggle for restoration of judiciary, rule of law and democratic governance.

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